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The Alliance is a co-sponsor of the international, scientific journal Aquatic Mammals, which publishes research by marine mammal experts around the world. The Alliance is a strong supporter of research benefiting both animals in our facilities and those in the wild.

Aquatic Mammals is the journal of the European Association for Aquatic Mammals and is the oldest international scientific, peer-reviewed marine mammal journal. It accepts a wide variety of papers on the care, conservation, medicine, and science of marine mammals.

Dr. Jeanette Thomas of Western Illinois University is the editor and Kathleen Dudzinski of Mystic Aquarium the co-editor.  For abstracts of publications in past issues and subscription information, go to: www.aquaticmammalsjournal.org.

Almost everything that is now known about dolphin and marine mammal health care, physiology, reproductive biology and intelligence has been learned through scientific studies in marine life parks over the last 40 years. Dolphins in the wild directly benefit from knowledge about dolphins gained from animals in human care.